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ThePrimeSpot.com Presents SOUNDWALK
September 17, 2007 10:53 PM PDT
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PRESS THE PLAY button/arrow below to hear:

Part I - ThePrimeSpot.com's TPSradio.org Presents interviews of two members of FLOOD, Producers of SOUNDWALK.org Description of event happening Saturday Sept 22, 2007 in the EastVillageArtsDistrict.org

Interesting behind the scenes, listing of upcoming Artists and matching performance venues. Opening music by local band SlippersMusic.net "Audible Traffic" soundwalk clip by 3:1 (members: Ida Hede Bertelsen, Stine Hebert, Mikkel Meyer & Ursula Nistrip).

Originally 1 hour and 15 minutes, audio editor Chris Urquidi deleted a whirring sound casued by electronic feedback in the studio, my one syllable exclamations, and our technical difficulties for this 42 minute podcast.

FLOOD thanks the Arts Council for Long Beach and the DLBA (Downtown Long Beach Associates). ThePrimeSpot.com thanks Avi from CSULB's kbeach.org, Judy Baker and Doug Wood from LBCTelevision for recording the broadcast via Charter Communications, and audio guru Chris Urquidi!

You are welcome to enjoy the full 1 hour+ DVD at 9pm Sat Sept 22nd at 117 Linden Avenue inside GalleryEleven/Seven or upon demand (call 562-804-5625).

NOTE: Part II of TPSradio.org featured Soundwalk.com's 9/11 audio tour of Ground Zero narrated by Paul Auster. (This "yearly broadcast" on TPSradio is NOT included in this podcast).

Stay tuned for "More of Marco" including an indepth description of his intallation...

Tobin James in Long Beach Friday, August 3, 2007
August 04, 2007 02:19 PM PDT
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Tobin James at Vine De Pays Friday August 3rd

The picture accompanying this podcast is NOT from 90800*
but rather from the website of TobinJames.com .

I arrived at Vin de Pays Wines on Elm @ 3rd Street in Long Beach early enough to beat those leaving work at 5pm. So I thought. At 5:05 the crowd was already backed up out the door! I returned at 7:30pm to catch the tail end of the Wine Tasting and the place was still jam packed!

Obviously I was able to chat with the famous wine maker from Paso Robles for a few minutes (press PLAY and, while you listen, visit TobinJames.com and VinDePaysWines.com ).

"Toby" is very passionate about his produce. He has a very smooth voice and it was a pleasure listening to his philosophy, goals, and his description of not only Paso Robles, how he describes a bottle of wine on your dinner table but what he says about a case of wine!

My purchases of the evening were two bottles of "Dream Weaver" California Champagne - signed in gold. Mmmm!

- KaRi
"It's not a business, it's a Pleasure!"

PS Stay Tuned for Vin De Pays Wine Tasting aboard the Big Red Bus!

ThePrimeSpot.com's BIG RED BUS Art Tour from Long Beach to San Pedro, CA
August 03, 2007 04:30 PM PDT
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On August 2, 2007, ThePrimeSpot.com and BigRedBus.com bridged the Long Beach and San Pedro Art Communities. It was the second of three Art Tours scheduled during Summer 2007 during San Pedro's "First Thursday" Artwalk. (July 5 - Aug 2 - Sept 6)

Long-Beach-Arts.org, LB's oldest Art organization held a Special Art Reception "just for us" before we took the 1966 convertible double-decker bus across the bridges during sunset to San Pedro. (Last month our host was Gallery Eleven/Seven located in the EastVillageArtsDistrict.org and September's Reception will be at Second City Council Art Gallery.

What you are about to hear are very "windy" interviews with the Tour Takers. This means the sound quality is substandard - think of it as atmosphere - BUT the content is there! The clearest interviews are at the very end, when we disembarked from the bus.

The next tour is scheduled for First Thursday, September 6th and will leave from www.2ndcitycouncil.org Art Gallery. Call 562-804-5625 or click on the Big Red Bus on ThePrimeSpot.com for specific information.

Special Thanks to Mr. Dana Fox and Walton McNulty of Long Beach Arts and Dino from DamzlFuel.com for providing refreshments, the Los Angeles Arts MeetUp group, Lucy Nguyen of Lunavision.net and of course Peter Joseph from the Big Red Bus!

October 18, 2006 11:58 PM PDT
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Bless me Father, for I have waned. It's been 9 days since my last podcast....

And TODD COCHRANE is a great one to start up again with. I meant to interview him at Podcast Expo 2005, so this year I caught up with him on the Second Day, a few hours before PME's end. Todd has been dealt some major blows in Life recently, check out Da Inside Scoop at ToddBlog.com

Note: It's wierd to hear me asking about his "blue balls", maybe you just HAD to be there! (There's always next year's Expo ... )

The Lowdown on "Low Country Radio" (Charleston, S.C.)
October 09, 2006 10:06 PM PDT
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Don Lewis From The Big Break Music Podcast and Low Country Radio. Don was my very first interview (right before Leo Laporte) at Podcast Expo 2006 and he is inspirational to new podcasters and seasoned music lovers!

My "Take Fives" are usually around 5 minutes but we were on a roll...
Take a listen, he promotes podsafe music!

website: www.LowCountryRadio.com

Podcasting: Healthy Hobby for Happy Husbands?
October 05, 2006 08:49 PM PDT
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I interviewed the three guys most responsible for the smooth-running OC podcasters booth at the Expo. Since I describe (most) podcasters as "white males, between the ages of 20 and 40, and happily married with multiple offspring", I asked them if they thought podcasting was the "Healthy Hobby for Happy Husbands"?

When you get a chance, visit their sites: Geekfit.com, EverythingTech.TV, CurbsideInvestigator.com, ThisMarriedLife.com (A "Couple Cast") and OpenWindowPodcast.com ... To meet Jason and Scott, come to the next OCpodcasters.com MeetUp! (PS Thanks to Cat from CreepyCast.com for scheduling the live Podcasters).

October 03, 2006 02:38 PM PDT
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WHERE's THE PARTY this year?

At Expo 2006 I arrived just in time to see Hotel Security break up the Party (They visited earlier, requesting the music be turned off). It was 12:30am and podcasters were coming out of the room in droves. I heard later hordes of others hopped out the back way... I had to think fast with my live connection in hand (we were running a marathon LIVE show on TPSradio.org which CHRIS BROGAN was star until 2:30am) so I started collecting URLs of the attendees. After a few minutes I thought it better to collect them on miniDisk, figuring more people were apt to listen to a podcast then our current live broadcast!

Enjoy what you hear, and wives, don't get too upset about the naked girls, it's not what you think. I didn't get a chance to see them, but visit ThePaintedBody.com to get the gist. From what Greg Narain told me (Greg is from SocialRoots.org formerly of Beercasting where he held the first public podcast in California - to my knowledge - at IguanaKelleys.com ) , some of the guys left when they heard of/saw naked girls being painted (Remember, most podcasters are happy married with multiple offspring) and prob didn't want to be hassled by their spouse about attending next year's Expo).

To reiterate what I've been saying on TPSradio Live, if the BEATLES played at Podcast Expo it would be background, because the focus at Podcast Parties are podcasters speaking with each other; Art & Music definitely seem to take a back seat to first time meetings and unions.

I don't know if The Painted Body couple prearranged this with Libsysn in advance or if it just happened (I admit it sounds like an "eye-catching" way to spread awareness about their site/podcast), but like I said ladies/wives/gfriends, it's not what you think!

LISTEN! There is a shoutout to a local Long Beach newspaper from Walt of TresJefes.com as well as someone who works at Charter Communications (from speaker Larry LaCost).

Also, at the very end, I had to delete Mo Power (LBCTelevision Producer who popped in) finishing my sentence because you can hear mainstream radio in the background. (Suitable to hijack for our College Radio Broadcast but NOT for a podcast winking So when the audio ends, read these words in an English accent: ".... when we want. Sweet Dreams, Baby, Sweet Dreams!"

Okay, here it goes. Get your paper and pen ready. After this upload, I'm going to hightail it to Los Angeles for that FCC Hearing incl. Low Power Radio. Toodles! KaRi from ThePrimeSpot.com

"Take Five" with Leo Laporte
October 02, 2006 12:38 AM PDT
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My one goal at Podcast Expo 2006 was to interview Leo Laporte. Since he's so busy, I approached him while he waited for his shuttle outside of the hotel. Bingo! Mission accomplished with 30 minutes of arriving winking

For some reason I seemed to forget when he was speaking at the Expo. Leo was the Keynote Speaker on Opening Day at 9am and was actually the reason I went to Ontario the night before - I didn't want to be stuck in traffic and miss the whole thing!

So here it is, an exclusive. Just for you.
Don't "Take Five" minutes,
take seven!

Podcast Expo Booth 2005: LApodcasters.com
September 27, 2006 12:58 AM PDT
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I LOVE the Freeway Sign this group uses as their logo! And my Tres Jefes Tee (FREE at the expo last year) causes quite a stir when I wear it O: It was a hoot driving in LB and seeing a Tres Jefes bumper sticker on a car last year... I think that was Walt?

Last Monday on TPSradio (Live at wpmd.org) , I played excerpts from most of the shows on last year's compilation. It was my "Podcast Expo" warm-up show! (Still wondering what happened to Lance's kiss?)

Check out this group at the Expo. Technically I should be with them because Long Beach is in Los Angeles County and, well I own Poddywood.com, but I just never made it up that way. Maybe we should join forces and become SoCaLpodcasters.com, HA!!!!

Podcast Expo Booth 2005: OCpodcasters.com
September 27, 2006 12:37 AM PDT
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When I turned local Long Beacher JvonD onto podcasting so he could help me upload TPSradio archives, I changed his life! He met a gal at the OC podcasters Meetup, then moved to Hollywood and started his OWN podcast! (So why was he manning the OCpodcasters Booth last year? Hmmm smiley Check this out and in addition to OCpodcasters.com check out JvonD.com : he drinks beer, creates music on his beat-o-matic and vidcasts it to cable TV in LaLaLand, all at once!. Fun, ha? hic-cup!

Stop by the OCpodcasters Booth 2006, I will be at the booth from 4-5pm both days AND TPSradio will also broadcast LIVE Friday Night 9-11pm. No compilation CD this year BUT you can buy a swanky Tee from OCpodcasters.com right now!

PS As you'll note on www.ListenAtYourLeisure.com I am still looking for a PITboss (Partner-in-Technology). Interested? I've got about a dozen "booth interviews" from 2005 I want to load as one podcast!!

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